So I lie here

As I lie here the sound of your voice vibrates against my ear drum,
As the messages you sent to me,
Messages expressing deep-seated feelings and emotions play on repeat
As you speak your emotions overwhelm,
Like crashing waves they wash over your mind
Beat against your heart,
A heart so bruised
Bruised by those there to serve and protect
Those armed with the power to maim
The power to slowly chip away at your self image
At you

As I lie here I question whether they know not what they do
Whether they comprehend the damage they cause as they preach
Preach from a scripture full of love though through their words comes as hate
They speak of will
The will of a man born in a time oblivious to your plight
What of your will, what of your happiness

And so I lie here
I lie here with an overwhelming desire to serve and protect
I lie here unable to truly place the feelings and emotions washing over my mind
Beating on my heart
I lie here questioning whether I have the power
The power to heal the bruises
Eradicate the pain and the hurt.

By SapphoOcculto.


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