What Happens…

What happens when the norm becomes the “ab-norm”? When one size-fits-all but mis- fitting is safer than fitting in, since when both feet are all in then no-size-fits-none.

Do we chisel the heel and choose not to feel as we hope to heal; someday. That’s an indefinite day since it’s neither today nor the next day nor the last day. Do we resort to chasing the clouds to please the crowds, expecting crowns for being societally acceptable?

The good wife, a good life; takes a knife, slits the wrists for not taking the risk and instead followed a list, made by none, justified by all. Pain through pen, inks down, bleeds out the untold story, hushed by iced looks, chewed gall and spat like bile. Mediocracy is the new normalcy. We’re content with what we have and not what we need.

Dreams become crimes before their primes, laid with snares solved by nightmares. Are we runaways forever? Ever running away to find a way in a myriad of stowaways only to be shot down before we take off on the runway? Do we tear down the bigger picture or wear down the painters? Do we scissor out the horizon or build a bigger frame?

By Nerf

P.S to listen to the spoken word version, head to our SoundCloud page:


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