The Game Master

The tiny room is dark, save for the single white bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling. The paint on the walls is severely chipped and what remains is caked with dirt making them look beige instead of white. A tiny bunk is pushed up against the wall taking up nearly half of the room. There’s a man sitting on the concrete floor, his back against the cot and he is dressed in stark white clothes. He hugs his knees to his chest and begins to rock back and forth – humming softly to himself. A sturdy door with a single glass pane bangs shut, locking the man in the room.

(Chuckles softly.)
Goldilocks loved me ya’ know. She really did. She would always cook for me and make sure the house was as neat as a pin. She was also the most gorgeous broad I’d ever laid eyes on. She had these beautiful brown eyes that stared right into your soul and the most rocking body. Oh, and her hair was like a fucking pot of gold, shone like one too. So very blonde. That’s why I called her Goldie Locks. and that wasn’t even the best thing about her, if you know what I mean…

(Makes lewd gestures with his hands. Stops and rubs his pointer finger against his bottom lip as he stares up at the ceiling. He chuckles again.)

They keep saying I messed it up. They keep saying that I was never good to her, or for her. I bloody well disagree. I was the best damn thing to ever happen to her. I gave her everything they never could. I just wanted to have a bit of fun. They don’t think it was fun though…

(Stands up and walks towards the door. Presses his face against the pane.)

What I did wasn’t bad. What my dear mother used to do was atrocious. Bringing those men into our home, letting them touch her in front of me. I mean what six year old child wants to see their mummy being…played with?

(Laughs bitterly and walks away from the door and sits down on the floor again. Pounds his right fist into the floor.)

That woman was a whore. A penny in her bag and her legs would open. “I did it for you” she would say. Sure you did it for me mummy. You freaking messed me up!

(Lays his head against the bed and violently runs his fingers through his hair, tugging on the strands.)

Is that why you let me watch? To turn me into (gestures around the room using his hands.) this?

(Pounds his right fist into the ground again and a sickening crack sounds through the room and bounces of the walls.)


(Cradles his right hand into his chest and bites his lip.)

Well, shit. Would you look at that? My hand’s a bloody mess (laughs with amusement ). Literally.

(Turns his head towards the door.)

(Shouting.) JAMES! JAMMIE!MR. JAMES! I THINK I’M READY FOR MY MEDS NOW. YOU CAN COME BACK. I PROMISE I’LL TAKE THEM THIS TIME. (Looks down at his hand with an amused expression on his face.)Plus, I think I need to get my hand fixed.

(Looks down at his hand again, blood oozing out of the cuts on his knuckles and a bone out of place. He pushes it back in place and an agonizing scream rips through him.)

IT’S OK  JAMMIE! I FIXED MY HAND. I’m the best doctor in the house. It was kind of fun too. It just popped right back in there. Although, my skin is a mess. I’ll have to patch this up too. Paging Doctor Connor (Lowers his voice into a deep timbre.) The doctor is in the house.

(He laughs to himself and begins humming and stops abruptly.)

My wife, Goldie, brought me here. Well she told the cops and they brought me here. They don’t like how I have my fun.

(Cups his hands around his mouth and whispers.)

I asked her to join me once and she totally lost it. (Laughs) Funniest shit I’ve ever seen. She loved me too much to share me. That’s why she called me disgusting. But the boys didn’t think I was disgusting.

(Stares down at his mangled right hand and smiles conspiratorially.)

The last one was definitely a screamer. The screamers are always the good ones because they act like they don’t want it but they do.

(Looks up and stares at the wall, a vacant look in his eyes.)

Mother said this is how you show people you love them, I was a screamer. She told me it was okay to scream. “The more you scream, the more you like it.” I didn’t like it at first but…it grew on me. She watched too, just the way she made me watch her with all those men. Said she was teaching me how to be good at it.

I kill them afterwards you know. And that, Shadow (Looks down at his shadow and points at it) that is why I’m here.

I know they like it, but I also know how it feels after. You feel…dirty – kind of like you did something wrong, but that’s just your mind lying to you. They liked it when I was doing it, I’m sure they did. I just didn’t want them to live with all the lies. After I’m done, I reach down and slowly squeeze the life out of them. (Lifts his hands and cups them in the air, mimicking the action, his mangled hand barely able to complete the action.)

I’m not killing the boys, I’m killing the lies. Watching those boys take their last breath is like watching the lies struggling to live. Their bulging eyes are like the lies trying to plead with me, but I don’t listen. I don’t give in. They wouldn’t want me to.

By Gone Girl.


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