The friends only she could see…

There was something about her,
A little different,
Something mama said wouldn’t be treated,
It was forbidden.

I heard her talk to herself,
She told me, assured me, there were others,
I couldn’t see them, I told her,
She said ‘quiet, they are undercover…’
They had to hide because mama didn’t like them,
But they were her only friends,
The real ones, that mama told her to get, didn’t like her…

They didn’t understand, she was gifted not sick,
The way she wrote, the way she spoke,
There was magic she would bring,
It was pure,
She, was sincere.
Sometimes I wished, I was different too.

Then there came a day,
Mama called them, and they came
And they took her away,
No longer forbidden, mama said it was a disease…

She said she was sorry,
She didn’t mean to throw things,
Didn’t mean to scream
Didn’t mean to hurt me
Sometimes her friends weren’t so friendly…

But mama, she didn’t listen, nor speak,
It was for the best, at least that’s what she said.
She needed to get better
I could see her, I could visit
But not now,
Maybe later, maybe in 5 weeks

So, the weeks went by,
And I packed a bag
With her favourite things
I even brought her friends, the ones only she could see.
When I saw her, I smiled,
She faintly smirked, and I couldn’t see her anymore.

She was right there,
But there was no magic, she didn’t speak like she used to
‘I brought your friends, see!’
They don’t exist, she said, please, don’t humour me.

There was something different about her,
It was that now, she was the same
As everyone else,
Same as me,
Now, mama said, she was sane.

She was the people who couldn’t speak like she once could,
See what she once would,
Feel what we all should…
One a day, she told me,
One a day,
Everyday, because she had to change,
She had to change, she said,
She promised mama she would.

By m_Y Broken Mind.


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