I dreamt of a moonlight garden

I dreamt of a moonlight garden
It was a beautiful dream
A lush green expanse dotted with flowers
Whose colours were as such as I had never seen.

A crystal clear lake whose stillness was broken only by the occasional playful sprite
Then I lay down, my back to the earth,
The grass folding under my weight

I heard a beautiful song
It was ethereal, a song no beast or bird could ever sing
It called to me, it cried for me
And I danced under the moonlight
A dance known only to me
My body shook and shivered with ecstasy as I embraced it
I tore at my clothes for they were a burden, they confined me

I ran further and further,
I ran for the song, I ran to the song
Overwhelmed, tears ran down my face
It was a lover to hold me, a mother to comfort me
I would suffocate without, go mad if I never heard it again

The song started fading, I prayed to go deaf,
All other sounds would be pointless from now,
So of what use where my ears; my hearing
It quieted to a whisper.
I would have stopped my heart if I could have to hear it over the beating of my heart

The moon disappeared behind the clouds,
The flowers wilted and the lake seemed to dry up, and then there was nothing
But in that deafening silence another song began, a song of dread and despair
A song that spoke to the black in my heart, the darkness in my soul

If what came before was a song of what was hoped for, then this was a song of what was
It echoed with painful truths I tried to hide, things I believed were best left buried and forgotten
And I wallowed in it, sinking deeper and deeper until I was swallowed by it

Now every step I took felt like a millennia
Ahead stood a cloaked figure, its arms outstretched as if waiting for someone’s embrace
I moved forward, wondering if the moonlight garden ever existed
A sense of familiarity crept over me as I neared the figure ahead
When I was a foot away, it threw off its cloak…
Horror! Nightmare!
Its face was familiar yet foreign,
And I embraced it for we were one, it was the truth

I didn’t belong in a garden, a cesspool of sin was my home,
I am not what I dream,
I dreamt of a moonlight garden but I woke up drenched in sin.

By Michael Rumbi.


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