Dear Diary

The feel of the page beneath my fingers,
The way the words flow out of me like the Nile, flowing, undisturbed, unchanging,
The sound of the page turning,
The smell of the pen and paper, together in harmony,
I’ve missed this…

Being able to feel,
Being able to write about feeling,
Like a man, coming up for air after spending hours underground.
I’ve been suffocating for so long,
I was trapped,
In the endless cycles of life, reading, sleeping, eating,
Until I found you,
You released me from the shacks of life,
You made me stop surviving and start living,

I have been a horrible friend to you though,
I’ve abandoned you,
I’ve left the pages to turn yellow,
Left the pen to dry.

I’m back now,
I do not plan on leaving anytime soon,

I have so much to tell you,
So many thoughts that have passed my mind,
So many sorrows I’ve faced,
So much happiness,
So much pain,

I will reveal it all to you,
Letter by letter,
Word for word,
Page by page,
Till you are filled with my adventures

How I’ve missed you,
My therapist,
Keen listener of my thoughts, hopes and dreams, worst fears.

My diary,
My journal,
My confidant.

By ZeinsWords


5 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. What a beautiful apology…I identify with it too!!

    How cruel of the worldly affairs….to which we wordlessly oblige…dancing to its merciless days of businesses, it’s ruthless moments of stress…the best part of it, is that the dearie diary Will still wait, patiently enduring…not coughing from dusty neglect, loyally waiting for your words, because it knows that a writer will always be drawn to a blank page, call it dedication or addiction…we’ll always be back…and so it waits..

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