Not Delilah

As strength seeps out of me
and the weight of the world
I had so defiantly borne
crushes me beneath it,
scorn not Delilah.

As knives gouge out my eyes
and the light of yours
becomes a distant memory
from a dream long past,
blame not Delilah.

As I am jeered in the square
as I am dragged through filth;
as my pride is broken
and your tears flood the sea,
hate not Delilah.

As I draw my final breath
knowing I will be mocked in death
far worse than I was in life,
as your heart bleeds in pain,
stone not Delilah.

For who gave me strength
and brought light to my dull eyes
would my dead heart have understood
what it means to live,
if not Delilah?

By DarkWhispers


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