I remembered the letter you sent to me
You called me an actor, 
the sun that hides under its bedsheets
I stretch out my three arms
Towards the sparrow, the raven and the hummingbird
Don’t they love me so?
I wore my favorite mask, a transparent one.
Why do they love me so?

Before the birds was the catterpillar,
Why did I love her so?
Her wings have come out but her beauty has waned.

In the letter you said I hide my crown, 
The sun should never hide under his bedsheets
So I raised my two faces out of the water. 
The left an exuberant smile, the right a drowning sadness
Maybe I am an actor.
But definitely not a good one
The clouds do not open up to either face
I have not tried a different one yet.

The letter said I would die alone.
The birds will once again fly away.
I do not doubt you. 
You are made of great wisdom and even greater fear

The letter said I would die early
The butterfly will tell the world on Instagram
That we we were as close as the space between lovers.
And forget about me a second after
In a tirade of drugs.

I imagine I would up above, watching the entire thing.
I imagine I am wrong.

I forget many things
(so send me, your location and)
tell me if the letters are true
I know nothing about you except
I remembered the letters you sent to me.

By Fred Makoffu.


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