It began as all wars begin: 
Conflicting ideologies, 
fuelled by conflicting beliefs 
and the flames fanned by fear. 
You took your place on one side 
and the voices on the other. 
The world was not for you. 
Their headquarters, your mind. 
Their soldiers, unseen demons 
that raid you every passing moment. 
Their bullets, never ending streams of pain. 
Their bombs, whispers only you seem to hear 
every night before you cry yourself to sleep. 
And there was you; 
no ally, 
no weapon 
and no strength to fight.

It progressed as all wars progress: 
the strong gained ground 
as you spent everything you had 
to delay your imminent collapse. 
Your mind, the battlefield.
The stability that was your peace of mind 
crumbles in the wake of every battle. 
The cries of your injustice dimmed as the invaders 
slaughtered any hope you had in yourself. 
The oppression that had crept into your borders, 
slowly became all the home you knew. 
The skies once a picture of joy 
obscured by the smoke that was despair. 
And there was you; 
prisoner of war, 

It ended as all wars end: 
It didn’t.

By DarkWhispers


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