Without Shame: The Rapist

Mulwa Hunger usually drives an animal to hunt – at least that's what humans have deduced from observing the actions of animals in the wild. The need for sustenance, the pain from the emptiness, the sheer need for food prompts such a brutal act. There’s a certain sensuality that shines through when a lioness hunts. …

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Without Shame: The Father

It is said that children must be loved equally but I will be the first to admit that, of all my children, Mutile is my favourite. In my age, I have seen and had my fair share of children, but when Mutile was born, I saw something in her. It was not that she had …

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Without Shame: The Victim

The Victim It must have been the shock. The shock and nothing else. The shock of having my innocence forcefully taken away from me. Lost in my own world I pondered and played back every single moment. His touch upon my skin, his breath upon my face, his body so dangerously close to mine, his……… …

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